Dr. Daniel Gober
Cedarhurst, NY, United States
Clinical case description:
Multiple buccal recession defects ranging 2-5 mm were noted by teeth #11-14 with a minimal amount of keratinized tissue on the buccal of #14. Bone levels were within normal limits with no loss of interproximal tissue observed. These recession defects are classified as Miller Class I recession defects. Typically, 100% root coverage is expected for recession defects of this type. The treatment was complete root coverage of the recession defects and augmentation of the width of attached keratinized tissue by tooth #14. Complete root coverage and an increase in the zone of keratinized tissue was obtained and a dento-gingival complex that is amenable to long-term health and stability was achieved. The patient was spared from the inevitable morbidities associated with a sub-epithelial connective tissue graft from a palatal donor site.

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